8 Running Quotes to Inspire You!!!

Here are several inspirational quotes to motivate you. “The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life.” – George Sheehan At base, running is living in… Continue reading

7 Benefits of Hiking into Shape

I almost missed my workout today. After a solid 3 days of working on the mountain this week, I had convinced myself that it would be okay to skip a day. However, when… Continue reading

Hiking into shape

Day #3 of hiking back into shape. Every day offers us the opportunity to battle back and fight to overcome the various ravages of yesterday. For me, the battle is to regain fitness… Continue reading


On day 2 of my re-entry to in-shapeness, I cajoled our 8 month old puppy, Zola, to try to summit with me. We made it 2/3 of the way up the mountain before… Continue reading

5 Years!!!

Yesterday, November 29th, 2021, marks 5 years since I unexpectedly experienced a gran mal seizure while riding my Honda Forza to a business meeting. Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor… Continue reading

Ready, Set… Run!!

How to go from outta shape to back in the game? How to transform the self from listless, despondent spectator to action figure? How to get to there from here? This singular question… Continue reading

Day #44: Believe… and RUN!

When was the last time you fell down? I’m talking both literally – you stumbled and tripped and plummeted unable to stop your awkward ballet and ended up on your back on the… Continue reading

I miss running!!

It’s one of those days when I think back to the good old days of consecutive run after run… I wish I were in shape again. The great thing is that we can… Continue reading

Day 1338

Run with perseverance
Hebrews 12:1

Workouts from the Past, Part 1: 12 X 1mile repeats with 200m rest

During the next several days, I will reach back into my time machine and bring out some old workouts. See what you think. This first one is a twofer, as it will also… Continue reading