Well done! You’re back:) – Day #2

DSC_1764You’ve made it to day #2, you are on your way. Well done, runner. The streak actually begins today. For a single run, by itself, is but what you have accomplished many times before. But to connect that first effort to a second. This is the true beginning.

I am writing this post before my run. I live in sunny California and look out over the lake in our backyard to the mountains where I will run. I have no concerns about my effort – except that come the end of the effort, I am able to run again tomorrow. That is the key to these early runs in the streak – especially if you are starting this goal after a while off of your feet. If that is you, know that you literally want to jog these efforts. Set that watch to a 15 minute countdown, put your earbuds in, and run until the alarm goes off. Then, turn towards home. If you do it right, you won’t need to work too hard. If you are winded in the middle, back off and Continue! One foot in front of the other. Get it done.

When you have stopped, another day logged, you can congratulate yourself on the streak started. You are on your way – and only have to repeat that effort daily – and you will meet your goal of running every day that is left in this year. Now, get to it!

~Coach Reed