Day #12: Core Strength – throw some push-ups, sit-ups and high rep curls into your running mix

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Ever since I lost a year of my running life to a partial achilles tear – an injury which stopped me in my tracks after running every day for over 3 consecutive years – I decided that in order to help stave off future injury, I should add in core strength work. This year, as I devised my current goal for the year of running at least 3.1 miles every day, I specifically added 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups a day. And effortlessly I have added in some high rep curls running in place as well. Here’s my regimen:

Get 50 good pushups done every day. You can do more, but 50 is the goal. Before you know it, you will be able to do the 50 in one set — and you will probably add more:)

The sit-ups are the same. Just get them done. I do curls – with my legs held in the air, crossed, at 90 degrees – and I go from back flat on the floor to a crunch being sure to focus on contracting the abdominal muscles. Focusing on the muscles being targeted. In short order, you will be a plank.

Lastly, I have resurrected my high school coach’s regimen of running curls. Grab some 5lb. dumb-bells, stang with feet shoulder width apart, and “run” in place with your arms – working them through the running motion with the dumb-bells for resistance. I do sets of 100 whenever I am ailing for something to do – or in between sit-ups and push-ups.

These strengthening exercises can afford you the extra strength that just may keep you from that streak-ending injury.

Keep rolling!

~Coach Reed