Day #10: Eat and run. Maybe not:)

photo 1

I ate a pancake breakfast before yesterday’s run. I am prone to great ‘sugar lows’ normally, as I just read around the house, play monopoly with the kids or (often) go for a short hike or a run. So I figured today would be no exception and about 1.5 hours after intake, I would be seeing red and feeling really empty. In this 10th run of this year, the low came at the 14 minutesout mark – in the midst of my modest 30 minute run for the day. Quickly the run became a bit of agony and I refused to think of the homemade pancake culprits.

The cliche is eat and run. This works on the ultra trail – it has too, as there is no other way to intake the calories to keep up with the effort. In everyday, non-running life (is there such a thing?) eat and run is more drink and Starbucks and drive on — all the while managing the iPhone. And then there is the corollary of out eat and run lifestyle here on the right left side of the pond: we are always running, but never running. We are always seeking, but never seeing; ever streaking but never knowing the substance and glory of the day’s effort.

Today, don’t eat and run. Instead, stop along the run, drink in the splendor of another run won. Shoot a picture of a mountain-scape or of the sun streaking in through the fallen oak – and live.

Until tomorrow – keep at it!

~Coach Reed