Day #15: Listening

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Do you listen to anything when you run? What do you listen to? Are you an only-music runner or an only-spoken voice runner — or can you not imagine listening to spoken word while running?

Many whom I talk to about running and listening can’t believe that I listen to audio books and podcasts almost exclusively during all of my runs. Running, being such a fluid activity, beckons most runners to listen to music which carries them through, down the roads and up the trails. I totally get this – that music is the go-to earbud content. Still, I encourage you to consider listening to books, news or podcasts while you engage in your daily regimen.

My favorite source of content is the iTunes Podcast offerings. Hopefully, Run5KaDay’s podcast “A Runner’s Podcast” will post there soon — so that perhaps you will be listening to our show as you continue your running streak. In the meantime, here are some great running podcasts for you to check out as well as a few photography/tech and other ideas to get you started:

Runner Academy with Matt Johnson – Coach Matt carries you to running success with his Commit. Train. Achieve. mantra. He has had some great guests on this fairly new podcast, so it looks to only get better.

Marathon Training Academy – Jeff and Angie are a husband/wife team who engage beginning and intermediate runners with practical insights. They have hosted some inspirational runners including Dean Karnazes. Enjoy!

The Running Podcast – Coach Jeff – from Australia – leads an inspiring show complete with podcasting while he’s out on a run – so that you can literally run along with him as you listen. He includes great interviews from distance gurus such as Mike Leroux.

And maybe you have a hobby or a serious interest in some tech content, etc. You’ll find lots to inspire you in the iTunes Store. Here are some of my non-running favorites, beginning with the podcast I work for:

This Week in Photo – also known as TWiP, this super-engaging photography news podcast showcases all star panels of famous photographers who talk through the week’s news. And I just happen to be a show notes writer for this great weekly show. Check it out!

New Yorker: Fiction – this podcast is my new favorite. Here you can listen to excellent short stories chosen and read by New Yorker Magazine fiction writers themselves. Discussions before and after the readings are intriguing and enjoyable.

I cannot finish this post without also mentioning audible books. In addition to podcasts – and my share of music, if truth be told – I have listened to many many audible books during my years of running. My favorite hub for audible books is Go there today, sign up and get one free audible book of your choice – just for trying.

Keep listening!

~Coach Reed