Day #22: What to do with the Livestrong stuff


I looked on my t-shirt shelf today for a good match for my run – and a Livestrong tee smiled back at me, right on top. The light-weight, threaded t-shirt was perfect for a January 31st run in San Luis Obispo, California (sorry, my ‘right-coast’ friends.) I decided that regardless of all of the deplorable fallout from Lance’s instant demise last week, this was the right running shirt for the job. But with this choice comes a whole lot of baggage… and questions.

Let me explain…

I was one of those smitten millions who defended Lance in every circle and circumstance. My cousin, who just happens to be a reporter for respected CyclingNews, repeatedly reprimanded me for my blind devotion to Lance. But I was a true believer, and though I never donned a yellow bracelet, I was on-hand in person for Lance’s final parade down the Champs Elysees (see photo below – Lance is in the lower right), and I would happily go toe to toe with any who would desecrate his story. I was ‘all-in’ for Lance Armstrong.


I even kind of enjoyed the debates about doping and sports – and couldn’t help but conclude that the sinful nature of man was the only thing to blame for this enigma. But even while I defended the impossible world of pro sports and doping, Lance was above the fray in my mind. Though legions had sold their souls for speed and fame, not Lance.

How blind I was!

Now that Lance has given his half-hearted confession on an emotional Oprah – no, I’m not gonna link from here – we believers are left holding our… t-shirts and bracelets. And so what are we to do?

For what it’s worth, I have to admit that I wore a sweatshirt over my Livestrong tee on my run this morning. Truth is, it’s not that warm in California in January:)

Run honest! And if you have any of those shirts in your arsenal, you might think about layering.

~Coach Reed

photo 1

image credits: Patrick Reed