Top 10 Signs That You Are In Love With Running

1. You run late at night – for the second day in a row – after day #2 on the ski slopes. And you will do the same tomorrow.
2. You feel self-conscious about apparently heel-striking from time to time.
3. You run everyday.
4. You dream about running down a rocky trail, weaving turns, making smart foot placements and letting the trail carry you up and over the next knoll. All while on a ski vacation.
5. You have an unknown number of pairs of running shoes strewn throughout every closet in your house.
6. Your feet… aren’t pretty. At all.
7. You’re reading this.
8. You look up to Jack Daniels, the coach, more than to the “other” Jack Daniels.
9. Fartleks, sisu and Gu are part of your daily vocabulary.
10. You run everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mammoth Mountain, California, USA!!

Got other tell-tale signs of being “in love” with running? Please add them in the comments section of this post.


~Coach Reed