Day #51: Take Off Your Shoes.


Take off your shoes! This is hallowed ground where you stand. No place will be exactly like it is now on this blessed gift of a day for all eternity. Indeed, every day is a gift from our Creator – and we are wise to regard each day as such, doing all we can to honor the uniqueness and wonder of each morning we wake up to enjoy. Running on such refined days is yet a gift added. How will you enjoy the gift?

So, take off your shoes – you stand on hallowed ground. But take them off for yet another reason — to give your toes, your ankles, achilles, fascia, metatarsals and lots more… a break. I have – until this latest running streak of mine – sought cushioning for my feet whenever possible. Hypnotized by years of cushioned shoes and decades of ads encouraging such cadillac treatment of my feet, I have always defaulted to luxurious slippers, socks and moccasins when chilling around the house. Now, after my debilitating achilles injury, I see the truth that the best thing I can do for my feet is to let them walk – unfettered – barefoot through the house before and after runs — and all times feasible.

Try going barefoot yourself. I am not yet advocating running barefoot. I tried that many years ago — and I will share that tale in a future blogpost. For now, I am happy to run in shoes, but hang out with all my toes hanging out. So how do you stand on this hallowed day?!

Keep rolling!

~Coach Reed

image credit: Getty Images