Running Lucky


Day #69: 3 reasons why runners are among the most lucky of all

I have concluded that runners tend to generate luck. We look optimistically to the future – to put our best effort and best foot forward. We share our joy and passion with our fellow man (and woman.) We enjoy the outdoors and our God-given abilities to pursue a healthy athletic life, and we strive to better ourselves daily. Here are 3 reasons I can easily name for why we are a lucky breed indeed:

1. We are always looking forward to a better future run. Most of us agree that our best races are yet to come.

2. We run throughout the glens, knolls, hillocks and dales where our Leprechaun friends must spend their lazy days. Some of their luck must rub off on the daily trail runner!

3. Running — at least we can claim for today — must have originated in St. Patrick’s emerald Isle. The natural cross-country terrain and the simple, elegant beauty of Ireland boast the magic of both our sport and of our lucky forerunners.

So, lift a glass with me and cheer our sport! We daily avail ourselves of the natural reaches of both our bodies and the world.

And I invite you to leave your own reasons for why we are the luckiest breed — in the comments below.

Happy St. Paddy’s!

~Coach Patrick

image credit: brothersoft