Boston & The 1:59 Marathon

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A Runner’s Podcast Episode #4 is live!

by Patrick Reed

Lace up your shoes, download “A Runner’s Podcast Episode 4” and get ready for an hour-plus long run as you listen.

On the show this episode, I reflect on the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, I give you the scoop on what I am up to this weekend — can you say “Death Valley Running Retreat with Luis Escobar” three times fast?! And I sit down for a live chat – in my home – with running guru Dr. Phil Maffetone to talk about the “inevitable” 1:59 marathon. Whose gonna do it, when, how, why, and a whole lot more informed speculation. Join the conversation!!

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Now, put down the mouse and lace up those shoes. It’s time to run!!


~Coach Patrick