Either You Run the Day…

“Either You Run the Day, Or the Day Runs You.”

                                                                                          ~Jim Rohn

What’s it gonna be today? For you? Are you going to let the circumstances of life dictate your actions… or are you going to act decisively, responsibly and boldly to be all that you are capable of being during this once in a lifetime opportunity. It is easy to forget, amidst the insane hurry of this post-post-modern era, that this day is a gift indeed. A one-of-a time gift. We runners know this instinctively. This is perhaps the deep truthful answer to the casual surface “Why?” of our running addiction.

There is something in the long distance runner which heartily refutes the arguments for the meaninglessness and randomness of this life which constantly pound the shores of our awareness day after day. The naysayers will too readily, without circumspection, do away with the “Logos,” the God of meaning, and elect not to “Try God” as they willfully dissipate deeper and deeper into Self.  Yet we distance runners, with each striding footfall, stake our truth claims “without ceasing” on today and on this life, which is merely made up of a finite series of todays. We can no more take for granted this sweet sunshine and rain reality than look beyond the shoulder of our querying daughter when she begs, “Just one more game with me today, Papa?!”

So what’s it gonna be?? Today? For you? Will you cower to the calf cramp and sit this one out. Or will you ice and stretch and lean on your wise friends’ urgings and do this run this day?

It is, truly, up to you.

How will you spend today?

Keep investing in the truth,