The Will to Win

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Hello running world! It has been far too many weeks since I have written a new article for my blog — but I Am Back! After all, what better time to resolve again to compete with oneself than on the brink of a new year. So, thank you for your patience over the past 3 months as I have languished in an apparent inability to keep my running streak alive.

In my last few articles on this blog, I was musing about how the running streak mimics the ultra-distance race: the rigors are seemingly unending, the task plausibly impossible and the entire effort supremely taxing to the runner. And herein lies the reason for the running streak and for the ultra-distance endeavor: they are great challenges that push us to the realm where our grit and determination meet our potential. And sometimes, just sometimes — we realize that our potential has bounds beyond our dreams!

On other days and miles, it seems that ‘it is not meant to be’ – and we sulk to the dressing room, shed our shoes and limp towards defeat.

Thankfully, though, no real race is but a measurement. Long after the final furious strides are etched in the track or on the bevelled road; hours and days beyond the memory of the tape broken — the race perseveres in our hearts. For the running race is more than a moment in time: it has become a bit of the person that we are becoming. And we are concocted of both victories and defeat.

And so it was that in late August of this year, just home from vacation back to the east coast, I stepped and pulled my calf. It had been weeks coming and I had fought the injury with pluck. But ‘it was not meant to be’ and I walked home – wisely letting go of my year’s goal to run 5k each day.

With the running, it seems, went the writing. How do you write about something you cannot do, after all? …

But, I am back — and ready to roll — and ready to inspire you to roll. Tomorrow is a new year – a new day – and for my part I plan to make some goals today and keep them tomorrow. Won’t you join me?!

So, here’s what I am thinking: the United States Running Streak Association defines a running streak as running “at least one continuous mile within each calendar day under one’s own body power (without the utilization of any type of health or mechanical aid other than prosthetic devices).” USRSA website. I therefore resolve to abide by this definition and run at least one mile each day of 2014. I may not get there, but, regardless, I will still retain my will to win. And I will add to my character in the endeavor.

Best to you and yours in the New Year!



Oh yeah – 2 other goals of note for me: 50 pushups and crunches daily — and I plan to add no fewer than 2 articles to this blog each week!

Happy New Year!

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