“Dressed to Compress”

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“Dressed to Compress”

by Patrick Reed

Looks like my blog posts are mimicking my running efforts once again. Yeah – I am battling injury on the roads and trails… It is only fitting that the two go hand in hand – my running and my writing. Where passion wells, passions persist. And when injury wields its relentless brow, the white flag slowly raises…

But, though my bouts of injury plague me, I will not give in. Nor must you! When our sinews sigh and muscles betray us, let us meet their arguments with courageous retorts. I will push and push and run.

Speaking – as I am of injury and of the doldrums of bodily aches — I want to push back with one possible cure for the dispirited harrier.

Months ago, when my latest running streak was on the brink of failure and my calves were shooting concerns across my running log, day after day, I wish some blogger or columnist had pointed me to compression stockings as a means by which to weather the ailments. My wife blessed me with a pair of compression socks for Christmas, and I must confess a comforting confidence when I hit the roads with my calves compressed. The support in the socks spreads out the stress and my legs feel the better for it.

Have you tried compression socks or sleeves? I highly recommend you buck your fashion sense and try your luck. After all, if you are like most [male:] runners, your fashion sense can only get better… and if you are a lady, you’ll add a new accoutrement to your style.

Running and running — and urging you on in your mileage,


image credits: Lunatikathletics.com