What is it that makes running the most elegant and at the same time the most glorious of sports? How can it be that the simplest act of striding one foot and then the other in a stunningly copious miracle can at once be so simple and so beautiful? Why does the world stand at attention, mouths agape, disbelieving at the miler sprinting the home stretch, the marathoner blissfully eviscerating the endless street, Usain Bolt breaking the tape, arms exploding, hands open to the one God of the universe to say for once for all mankind that “I am willing, my Father, look at me, shine on me!”?

It is because the greatest things in life are not so much free, but rather they are the reflecting back of the glorious light of the majestic King of Creation. This is why winning looks so easy for the laurel wreath’s champion. She has borrowed the Great One’s brilliance for a thousandth of a second, and in that infinitesimal moment she has touched the very Son.

And so Jesus Christ on the cross was that grandest moment in history – captivating all of the athleticism of the sum of the Olympians in the history of the games, pouring forth all the love that serves as the antidote for the billion hatreds of the human heart, forgiving every last one of seven times as many hearts, enduring a trillion triathlons – and in so doing He paved the way for eternal life for all who would believe.

As he stared down from the cross, Jesus stared down the tartan straightaway. As he stretches forth his spikes and his naked legs and stalks the blocks, as the gun stretches forth into the brilliant sunset sky full of all of the everycolors of the universe, as his Father’s hand reaches up and up and fires the furious volley of cacophony…

He is off! He is a rocket! He soars straight straight straight as gravity’s trajectory. As His fury beckons “WHY?!?!” His singular teardrop crashes into the track. For most, it is the sweat of some fall workout on the high school track, all of life before him. But for Jesus Christ it is his last gasp, his last look, not a looking back or beside. For the greatest race ever run was a singular battle of one. And it was the most glorious race ever won.

God bless you and yours today!

~Coach Patrickshutterstock_714602125