Waiting to Start or Starting to Wait

With all the joy, the history, and the scenery that is intrinsic to distance running (and a skateboarding addiction), one would surmise that any hiatus from distance running would be short and a rarity. And yet, I find myself miles from running miles. Perhaps it’s the afterglow – literally – of radiation treatment coupled with 25 months of chemo that has me less than enthusiastic to don my mountain kicks and take to the trails. Perhaps, it’s the relentless Covid19 pandemic with all of its shut-in-ness… perhaps it’s the Abilify Med – one of many, but one which adds weight- which I’m taking to work to stabilize my mood. I don’t know. What I am certain of is that I am not out on the roads and trails logging miles… and oddly, I don’t miss the miles extraordinarily. Though, I will admit that when I run thru my thousands of pics I become nostalgic for the rainy rivulets of a winter’s workout and the rocky trails which find me scattering and improvising my way down a fun scree slope.

I think back to the day we detoured north on the 5 from Bakersfield to visit famous McFarland USA ( be SURE to see that movie!) Our girls weren’t too enthused with our diversion, though I was in heaven imagining the first CA state champion team logging their inimical miles right there on those forgotten streets. And when I think to the Alpine-like vistas of Convict Lake just 10 miles south of Mammoth Lakes, CA, the urge to run comes surging back. Perhaps it’ll be tomorrow, perhaps even tomorrow morning that I’ll drive right on by our skatepark at Santa Rosa and head for a placid and infinitely less perilous trailhead.

One of these days I will surely start stopping and take the first inevitable run and be back on the infinite Riverrun – love of my life.

Until then,

Coach Reed