Race Preparation – take 4

Luna’s Mono sandal in Desert Canyon get up!!

I find myself on the cusp of readying myself for a future race of some magnitude of miles for the 4th time now since my brain cancer diagnosis 3.75 years ago. In each of the 3 previous attempts, my early miles of training progressed well – only to be upended by a combination of my ego and my oversized appetite for really long races (i.e. my ego) Yes, my ambition ever gets the best of me.

But not this time! This time’ll be different. I’ll train smarter, I’ll eat somewhat sanely, I’ll skateboard less….

The race is set, has always been set – something really long at the Born To Run Ultramarathons. There, at the concussion of Luis Escobar’s 4a.m. wake up shotgun blast, me starting to in the back of my ecodiesel lone star Ram, this time I’ll be ready.

I’ve already got my kicks picked out and look forward to wearing them in: Luna mono’s winged edition. My plan: as soon as the energy is right, I don my Lunas and take to the hills. I will hike into shape – as I have done in my previous 3 failed attempts – for the first month, then start lightly jogging, and then get onto the training in earnest. The joy I am finding, though, about these long races, is the ultimate race pace. For a race of considerable distance, 14 to 15 minute miles is getting it into gear, especially upon varied terrain – and especially for the attuned runner who is in it for the experience, the vistas, the agony…. as much as any finishing time.

So, perhaps this 4th time will be the charm. Either way, I’ll look forward to seeing all of you crazies at BTR 2020 on October 3rd, the Covid postponement date from last May. Won’t you join me?!

Best, Coach Reed

PS head over to Luna Sandals and use this link for $15 of your order. Happy Running!