I begin again again again.

close up photo of bible

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

For the fourth time in 4 years, since my brain cancer diagnosis, I set feet to the base of a mountain and begin from nothing to get in shape again. This might be considered a daunting task – except that we have all done the same many many times. Even if you are not like me – a running adrenaline junkie who swoons at the Alps and fawns over the Sierras and even daydreams about the infinity of asphalt which beckons every distance runner to don the shoes, you no doubt have some similar affection for another athletic endeavor. Perhaps for you, it’s the gym, or the bike, or … the dreadmill…. er, sorry the ‘Treadmill of Doom.’ (They are dangerous – take it from me, who has run one high-end Landice treadmill into the ground, going through 1 make that 2 rollers!!) Or maybe your love is painting or working on that book (I’m “write” there with you – pun intended…) Whatever it is, today you are at the base of that once easily-summitted mountain, and you’re looking up – feeling every bit a neophyte as the first time you set a palette to your thumb and dabbed that first brilliant sky blue blotch onto the blank canvas…

My point is – no matter what the substance of your repeated mountain’s lower slopes, you are called today to begin again.

As for me, today I lace up my same old Pegasuses and begin the climb up Madonna for a 300th time – this time with realest hopes that at the end of a bunch of endless climbs, a race will be run and won!

God bless you on your course today!

~ Coach ReedBFFADCE0-02F0-4F5E-963D-AD635083B8BA