Trying to get to Day 2 of my Training Plan

There is only one way to training day 2 – lace up the shoes and drive right on by your other diversions and get it done! You can do it!!

I accomplished my workout day one 2 days ago, but I find myself searching for day two. This effort to run a second day in a row is new to me – and humbling. Normally, I have clicked off the training days of a new season with easy abandon – looking forward joyfully to every next run. But now, after the ravages of 4 years of cancer treatments, I am stumbling in this once easy corridor.

The bottom line truth is that I love to run. So, I am wondering, why is it that getting out there for day 2 is proving so daunting?

On a positive note, perhaps I am more closely identifying with those of you who are reading these words for whom a running streak of 3 and a half years is not so simple as it once was – not too long ago – for me. Perhaps only now can I best be an advocate in the trenches of reality for you. If so, then my struggle for day 2 is worth it.

Truth be told, to share a humility even further, I am really just trying to hike into shape again right now, so day 2 of running should actually look like tromping up the lower slopes of Madonna Mountain here in my hometown of San Luis Obispo. In other words, I am not even talking here about running – just power hiking straight uphill.

To make matters worse – or better – my infatuation with skating (that would be skateboarding;) is not helping my running. Yesterday, on what should have been day 2 of my training to get back into shape for Born to Run on October 3 – can you say less than 70 days before race day?? – I found myself diverted into the awesome Santa Rosa Skatepark for a session instead of my day 2 jaunt. Suffice it to say that this runner has gone off the tracks…

Nevertheless, the mettle of the best runners is measured by their resilience – their ability to bounce back, to come back after setback upon setback, whether self-imposed, injury-imposed or even brain cancer-imposed.

Today, I shall drive right on by the skatepark and hit the mountains – hopefully wearing my brand new Luna running sandals – and day 2 will finally be in the books…. on day 4:)

Oh well, we persevere no matter what the circumstance. This is the fodder of the true grit of the greatest runners.

May you get our for your day 2 workout today. For, once we have logged the most difficult day 1, every next workout is some reiteration of a day 2.

May God bless you and yours today!

~ Coach Reed