Retiring from Retirement. After 1 Day…

Once I put my phone down. I had my balance back:)
How can I retire from this??!

That didn’t take long. The moment I gleaned some free time this early evening, I donned my Tokyo Olympic shoes, a gift of my Colby co-conspirators (see pic of shoes below), and I hit the mountains. It was a supremely beautiful evening, sun dropping at Its usual sundown cadence, me music-less as I left my EarPods in the car, and all was well as could be.

Reclining in my Olympic Pegasuses atop a crag on Bishop’s Peak, CA in SLO.

Today, I discovered balance again – perhaps both physically and emotionally- and as I speed-hiked one of my favorite mountains, I became filled with gratitude for life and nature. Here’s to an early retirement from retirement! I will venture to confirm that I will be at Born to Run on October 3, 2020.

Keep running and stay in the game!

~ Coach Reed