Monthly Archive: July, 2020


Sometimes we race so much that we do not have time to train.  Despite the life changes that have come for all of us in the wake of COVID 19, do you feel… Continue reading


Like pre-race jitters, scanxiety is a reference to the anxious thoughts which come flooding thru the cancer patient who is prepping for his or her next scan. For me, that comes in the… Continue reading

Stand Firm With Lynda Gulliver Against Cancer

A friend from church, Lynda Gulliver is a hard-working nurse and single mother of 3. Please take a moment to read her story and watch her video linked here at gofundme. If you… Continue reading


Glorifying What is it that makes running the most elegant and at the same time the most glorious of sports? How can it be that the simplest act of striding one foot and… Continue reading

How about a distraction? Read my new fantasy book: King Zaney!

In these days of brain cancer and covid19, here’s a trip into the chivalrous make-believe land of Zania, where perfect strawberries are the currency of the day – and the way to everlasting… Continue reading