Ready, Set… Run!!

How to go from outta shape to back in the game? How to transform the self from listless, despondent spectator to action figure? How to get to there from here? This singular question haunts the couch potato – but moreso the has been. For the couch potato is rooted on the sidelines – content to keep on sipping the soda and nearly oblivious to the sorrowful state into which he has descended. The flaccid muscles have gone somewhat taut, the will has hardened into a sublime softness… The couch potato has already accepted his diminished place. The has-been, contrarily, remembers his glory years. Remembers and imagines…. I can be that again. I am in the same atmosphere as yesteryear, I am only one hundred, three hundred, a thousand miles from that grand thoroughfare down which I used to galavant, charging effortlessly down the tarmac of my youth. I remember….

I remember and I want to return to that grander version of me. The one before I nearly forgot who I was, forgot why I was, forgot whose I was. But now again, I want again. I choose to don the shoes and to step into the river run which is life well-lived, life abundant. I choose to cast off this slough of the present me – the has been – to discover again that hero which resides in me.

Tomorrow will mark 5 years since my brain cancer diagnosis! And what better today than this to begin to run anew? Tomorrow I begin. Again!