Hiking into shape

Descending Madonna looking towards Bishop’s Peak

Day #3 of hiking back into shape. Every day offers us the opportunity to battle back and fight to overcome the various ravages of yesterday. For me, the battle is to regain fitness and to push against brain cancer. I find that my motivation is stoked when I remember that my task is worthwhile. I am struggling to win at my personal war. Each step is meaningful – and the whole – thousands of little steps each day – comes into being as day is added to day. Again, each new morning offers the gift of accomplishment: this free-will endeavor to better the self through perseverance. As I begin to stretch out a streak of workouts, the larger achievement comes into focus. And soon I’ll be running!

How about you? What goals call out to you as each day comes again and again to invite you to win? Join me in starting to achieve your new goals today. It all starts with a single step at the trailhead of a mountain. The future is now!