About 5K a Day



Hi, I’m Patrick Reed, and I want to welcome you to the 5km a day blog. The goal here – in conjunction with my ebook 10 Tips To Inspire Your Running Life  and my forthcoming book “Running & Seeing: A Sequel toDr. George Sheehan’s ‘Running & Being'”– is to begin a running streak and to run each day of 2017. But there is a caveat. The task is to run 5km a day – that’s just 3.1 miles a day – every day. It does not matter how fast you run, how slowly you run – or even how many miles past 3.1 you run. The ONLY criteria of my running plan is that you commit to run 3.1 miles every day of 2017 from here on out. Get to it – and please, of course, check with your physician before attempting any training plan:) 

All the best – and check back here at the blog to be inspired through your year long efforts.

All the best!


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