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Day 1338

Run with perseverance
Hebrews 12:1

Stretching and Skateboarding

I am no paragon of stretching. This is not because I am not for pulling appendage from torso in an ongoing effort to lengthen the inelastic, but rather because “I’d rather be running.”… Continue reading

Finding Our Way Through

First things first: Happy Birthday today to Jana, my much better half! (I won’t spoil how young she is, but we are coming up on our 22nd wedding anniversary this September…:) Meanwhile, thank… Continue reading

Scanning the Horizon

Okay, so my Brain MRI with and without contrast – possibly my 25th such scan – was postponed due to the intricate machine breaking down on Wednesday shortly before my “time.” Now, I… Continue reading

Waiting to Start or Starting to Wait

With all the joy, the history, and the scenery that is intrinsic to distance running (and a skateboarding addiction), one would surmise that any hiatus from distance running would be short and a… Continue reading


Sometimes we race so much that we do not have time to train.  Despite the life changes that have come for all of us in the wake of COVID 19, do you feel… Continue reading

Patrick Update #6 (extended version)

Patrick Update #6 (extended version) Dear family and friends, Jana, Lucy, Anja & I want to thank you so much for your continued prayers, meals, donations, thoughts, love and shared perseverance. This has… Continue reading

Patrick Update #6

  Patrick Update #6 (condensed version) Hi family and Friends! Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. Anja, Lucy, Jana and I are so grateful for each of you!! It… Continue reading

Halfway, Hope & “The Task”

Hello again Friends & Family, Jana and I hope and pray that you are well, and we give thanks for you! Truly, we are all in a similar race together (though my brain… Continue reading

Running Onward… Pat & Jana Health Update #5

Hi Friends and Family — Here’s our latest update. We are now in the midst of treatment phase. I started chemo and radiation a week ago yesterday, and so we are 8 days… Continue reading