Day #57: “60 Seconds of Distance Run”

“Give me one more. Just one more!” These words … “One More” … can spell disaster. They might be the request for that drink which finally pushes you over the edge. Off the… Continue reading

Day #56: Five Fabulous Running Clips

Kick off your shoes, sit back and enjoy these 5 fabulous distance-running video clips. Get inspired by those who have come before. I especially recommend the 3rd video here – I had not… Continue reading

A Chat with Dr. Phil Maffetone on “A Runner’s Podcast”

Episode #3 of “A Runner’s Podcast” is now live in iTunes! Check out the conversation with endurance training guru Dr. Phil Maffetone. Our conversation travelled from photography and music to the details of… Continue reading

Day #55: If you could ask any coach any question….

If you could ask any coach any question, what would it be?? I have the honor, tomorrow morning, of interviewing noted author and respected fitness guru Dr. Phil Maffetone. His accolades include authoring… Continue reading

Day #54: Running Barefoot

I was all of 15 years old, and Mary Decker and Zola Budd had just had another one of their scrappy track-fights — all pre-cursors to the 1984 Olympic 3000m final debacle which… Continue reading

Day #53: Roads or Trails?

Gonna get contentious here. What do you like better – Roads or Trails? Let’s break this down. I have spent the vast vast majority of my time training and racing over the years… Continue reading

Day #52: Tread Lightly…

“To sentence a man of true genius, to the drudgery of a school is to put a racehorse on a treadmill.”  ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge Some days, the schedule does not permit a run.… Continue reading

Day #51: Take Off Your Shoes.

Take off your shoes! This is hallowed ground where you stand. No place will be exactly like it is now on this blessed gift of a day for all eternity. Indeed, every day… Continue reading

Day #50: Halfway to 100!

If you have been keeping up with your running streak – then today is a very important marker for you. Hitting 50 consecutive runs is quite an accomplishment and illustrates to you convincingly… Continue reading

Day #49: Speed-Fasting

What do ‘speed’ and ‘fast’ have in common? Everything, by conventional wisdom. But today, I want to delve into the ways to get faster by taking a fast from speed. For the purposes… Continue reading