The Runner: Stage 1

The Wheezer by Patrick Reed One of the most popular posts on the run5kaday blog has been my “4 Stages of Runners” outline. And I thought it would be fun to expand on… Continue reading

Running Lucky

Day #69: 3 reasons why runners are among the most lucky of all I have concluded that runners tend to generate luck. We look optimistically to the future – to put our best… Continue reading

Running off the dirt

Day #68 – Sometimes we must run the dirt off of our soles… by Patrick Reed Have you seen that sign recently? Trail Closed. What do you do?? Last week, I encountered that… Continue reading

The greatest hindrance

Day #67: What’s the greatest hindrance to your dream performance and how can you overcome it?? by Patrick Reed “When our dreams and our reality meet face to face – most often around… Continue reading

The Cycle of Inspiration

Day #66: Running to be inspired… to run! by Patrick Reed Do you remember your first run ever? For me, the question drums up two specific memories. The first – driving in our… Continue reading

Running Through and Through

Day #65: Maybe I’ll just run right through my old shoes and eventually land on my bare feet… When I can see daylight, I’ll know I’m close. Holding my old Nike Air Pegasus’s… Continue reading

Tying the Knots

   Day #64: Lacing Up For the Big Race In a society where some of the most important knots we tie come unraveled before the race is finished (think “until death do us part…”),… Continue reading

Redesigning Distance

Day #63: We work hard to craft great speed workouts, but neglect creating intentional distance courses I remember as a coach sitting down at the drawing board and creating speed workouts with great… Continue reading

Can’t Slow Down!

Day #62: Why Runners Train Too Fast It is a human trait – this constant need to put on a show. To present with a smile, to reply when asked “How are you?”:… Continue reading

Holding Hands

Day #61: Holding Hands I remember a talk I once had with a mentor of mine. We had just finished a tough “drop off” – the name we gave to surprise races at… Continue reading