Day #25: “Rexting” – Texting on the Run

We all like to keep our loved ones up to date on our latest running exploits. Even if they don’t want to know. We sit back at the end of a long day… Continue reading

Day #24: The Time to Slow Down is Now!

Often in the marathon – at mile 10 or 17, and frequently at mile 21 –  the internal warning lights flash fiery orange and the runner questions seriously whether he had better slow down. “I… Continue reading

Day #23: Patience

One of the greatest virtues of the running streak is how it teaches the runner patience. Many of us will want to dart out the door and crush the miles on those days… Continue reading

Day #22: What to do with the Livestrong stuff

I looked on my t-shirt shelf today for a good match for my run – and a Livestrong tee smiled back at me, right on top. The light-weight, threaded t-shirt was perfect for… Continue reading

Day #21: Run to Her!

Advice my coach gave to me at our first workout I realized the other day that I neglected to talk about my very influential high school coach in both the newly launched “A… Continue reading

Day #20: Running Late

Last night, I accomplished a goal of mine. I left the house at 9:30p.m. and ran my favorite course in the moonlight. I told my brother-in-law about the run this afternoon, and he… Continue reading

Day #19: Slow Down to Speed Up

I have been researching the current running podcasts in the last few weeks – in light of the launch of my own new podcast “A Runner’s Podcast.” The most informative and scientific podcast… Continue reading

Day #18: A Runner’s Podcast is Live!

I am excited to announce that the podcast which accompanies the Run5KaDay blog is up and running. Episode 1 of “A Runner’s Podcast” is ready for you to have a listen. Lace up your shoes, put… Continue reading

Day #17: TV

I have been known to be a news junkie, it is true. My wife would most definitely still call me this to my face today. I confess that during the 2012 US Presidential… Continue reading

Day #16: The Ingredients of Greatness

It has been said that the 2 ingredients for a great runner are hubris and humility. According to Wikipedia, hubris means “extreme pride or arrogance; an overestimation of one’s competence or capabilities.” Humility,… Continue reading