The FCA Competitor’s Creed

The FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Competitor’s Creed is my battle cry in this the greatest race of my and my family’s life. Having run for FCA Endurance for the past 3 years,… Continue reading

#3 of 3 Letters

Thank you for running alongside! Dear Family & Friends, We so appreciate your prayers over these past weeks.  You have truly been the Lord’s hands and feet.  Several of you have brought meals… Continue reading

#2 of 3 Letters

Hi beloved Reed family and friends, It’s me again – Patrick – writing from our front room in our beautiful home in SLO. We made it home last afternoon — Jana driving all… Continue reading

#1 of 3 Letters

Hi beloved family and friends, This is Patrick writing in the flesh — and I still have my hair, though not for long. I am thinking about heading over to SpokeSLO in the… Continue reading

“Dressed to Compress”

“Dressed to Compress” by Patrick Reed Looks like my blog posts are mimicking my running efforts once again. Yeah – I am battling injury on the roads and trails… It is only fitting… Continue reading

“Unbroken” – a book review about the great Louis Zamperini

“Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand A book review by Patrick Reed I had just finished my second screening of my daughters’ favorite new movie – “Frozen” – when a friend held up the book… Continue reading

One Mile at a Time

“One Mile at a Time” by Patrick Reed Shall I rename this blog “One mile at a time”? Perhaps… I remember having read helpful hints about naming one’s blog or website — and… Continue reading

The Will to Win

Hello running world! It has been far too many weeks since I have written a new article for my blog — but I Am Back! After all, what better time to resolve again… Continue reading


Writing by Patrick Reed Today, I sit with my back to the mountain; I can, if I try, see its reflection in my monitor’s screen. Yes, it is as if the computer screen… Continue reading

Running: Cheap or Costly?

Running: Cheap or Costly? by Patrick Reed How much does running cost you? I don’t mean in terms of dollars and cents. For certain, ours is an inexpensive sport when it comes to… Continue reading