Announcing a free ebook from Patrick Reed — “10 Tips To Inspire Your Running Life”

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“10 Tips To Inspire Your Running Life”

New Free eBook from Coach Reed!!

by Patrick Reed

Here is the first of many publications which I plan to publish via the Run5kaday blog. Please run on over to the iBookstore to get your free interactive copy of “10 Tips” if you have an iPad — or, alternatively, click on the .pdf link below to download your free copy of the book.

In this 42 page book, I have laid out 10 inspirational bits of advice, strategy and even tricks to help you improve your training life. Key to the book is the idea of considering the benefits of beginning a running streak. When you make a commitment to run every day — or 6 days a week — you start to make running a habit. And the benefits that spring up from this new habitual training regimen can be life-changing: increased self-esteem, new levels of fitness and a tendency to succeed in other goals you begin to set for yourself.

The book is meant to take advantage of some of the interactive possibilities of tablet publishing while letting the content stand on its own. In future publications, I plan to do more video and audio, and I am eager to hear your thoughts on how my offerings might benefit from such additional interactivity. To this end, I have linked a questionnaire to the final page of the book, and look forward to getting your feedback.

Finally, if you are not an iPad owner, be sure to download the .pdf, but be aware that you are missing out on a video intro as well as a few scrolling essays. Sorry about that. I am working out all of the tech tangles even as I write.


~Coach Patrick

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