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Running & Running

Running & Running by ¬†Patrick Reed You’ve been there, no doubt. We runners have all been¬†there. Out on the interminable roads, the horizon a heartbreak away — endless vistas, scorching (or frozen, wind-swept)… Continue reading

Running at Night

Day #78: Running At Night by Patrick Reed We had just hiked the 3 ‘mountain’ passes with our girls that afternoon. I place ‘mountain’ in quotations because the passes were more like a… Continue reading

The greatest hindrance

Day #67: What’s the greatest hindrance to your dream performance and how can you overcome it?? by Patrick Reed “When our dreams and our reality meet face to face – most often around… Continue reading

Day #33: Are You Afraid to Jog?

Are You Afraid to Jog? Are you too fast – and quite sure of it – to be caught jogging in broad daylight – slinking along just a smidgin less slowly than a… Continue reading

Day #13: “I wanna quit!”

It’s run through all of our heads: “I can’t run another step. I cannot get up with my alarm and hit the roads during the only opening in my schedule today. I cannot… Continue reading